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Needless Items for Hunting

Like every other market, the hunting market is a huge industry and full of a gimmick and needless products sold as life-changing items. I am here to help you to be safe from their scams. You don’t need these products at all especially if you are a beginner. Following are the products you should be beware of:

 Lighted Nocks

One of the needless things you can buy as a beginner hunter is lighted nooks for arrows. They are not worth the cost. You wouldn’t be needing a light to guide you to your prize.

Long-range precision rifles

A long-range precision rifle can cost you five hundred to two thousand dollars. You don’t need such heavy-duty rifles to hunt deer. All you need is a rifle big enough to take down the deer. You absolutely do not need high power high gadget long range. There are high chances that you are never going to shoot long range until you have been well into the sport. It’s not as common to find a place where you can take a shot more than 100 yards. A .30 caliber rifle will be enough or any weapon that has enough knockdown paper. As a beginner, you shouldn’t take a long shot even if you got one 

Expensive boxes of ammo 

One of the things that you do not need for hunting deer is really expensive ammo. You don’t need high expensive top-of-line ammo because deer are not hard to take down. Deer can be taken down by even a 9mm handgun with fair success. All your focus should be on hitting the right spot and average ammunition.

Cough silencer

There is no reason to buy a cough silencer because it does not work fully. It just muffles the sound which you can do the same by just covering and muffling it with your coat.

Scents and cover scents

The market is full of scents and cover scents like deer scents. As new hunters you don’t need them, don’t spend the time researching them or the money to buy. There’s no actual proof that these works because if someone’s experience is that the deer are attracted other’s experiences are that they are repelled. Such scents are overrated in the market. As a new hunter you don’t need to buy them, they can cause more problems than the benefits as a beginner is not fully aware of the habitat of deer. People have been hunting successfully for thousands of years without the scents and cover scents. So, it is better to not use them because it is more of a liability for new hunters than an asset.

Electric ammonia thermically bug repellent

If you have been hunting for a day you know these bug repellents are a useless product. There are mostly zero bugs encounter out there infield in the deer season. Buying a bug repellent is not necessary. You don’t need a beginner hunter or even an advanced hunter. 

Pee bottle

Pee bottle is marketed as something to protect deer from getting spooked from the smell. It is a complete myth and based on paranoia. The truth is human pee becomes indifferent to deer after a couple of minutes. There is no scientific way a deer can tell the disparity. In return, the pee can help attract other deer rather than repelling them. So, pee bottle is only a fabrication of the truth and a marketing technique. Buying a pee bottle is not an issue.

Big set of knives

The hunting market is full of different advertised knives for different functionalities. For instance, skinner or skinning knife, dagger, boning knife, gutting knife, bowie knife, buck, and many more. You don’t need any of that stuff. It is all marketing. You just need one sharp and easy-to-carry knife. That’s it. On a side note, carrying the sharpening stonewould be helpful.

Camo gadgets

Camo gadget and camo gear is another unreasonable marketing scheme. Camo cell phone covers, knives belts, GPS, and arrows make absolutely no sense. These gadgets are not used in front of deer and are trouble when you lose them. For instance, if you use your camo knife to butchering a wild game and place it somewhere it will take ages to find that knife again. The same goes with arrows. These camo gadgets become a hindrance rather than being an advantage. You don’t need camo clothing too. Dark color clothing just does fine. And what even are the camo seat coverings? 

Deer decoy

A big fake giant deer is not on any reasonable hunters’ recommendation list. A non-moving deer hurts you more than it benefits you. When a (fake) deer shows no reaction or movement to anything for hours it disrupts natural habitat and spooks deer away.


Do not buy any type of calls if you are a beginner. Just do not buy it. Having any calls like buck grunt needs a lot of experience and a lot of ground hours to see the habitat of deer. If an untrained hunter uses the grunt call wrongly it will be the biggest liability because it scares the deer away. You are better off blending in the environment than be suspicious.

Reflective tacks or tape 

You don’t need reflective tacks or tape to help you find your blind or stand you can your phone’s flashlight or a separate flashlight to see in the dark. 

Shotgun bandolier sling 

Just do not be that guy that uses it. It is pretty useless in terms of functionality for a hunter.

Tripod Charis for blind hunting

No need to buy a tripod chair for hunting. These things are terrible. Nut crunchers and make a lot of noise. It is usually too high to use in a blind – completely useless.

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