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Mathews‌ ‌Vxr‌ ‌Vs.‌ ‌Mathews‌ ‌Vertix:‌ ‌Head-To-Head‌ ‌Battle‌ ‌

Ever since the new VXR 31.5 came out, it has sparked a lot of interest. However, there is a group of individuals who’ve been really perplexed about how to get it. That’s the Vertix users. People just can’t find the difference between VXR and Vertix. 

But, we’re here to help you get a better idea of these two.

So what are the differences between vxr vs vertix

The VXR has a better design overall. You might not find any difference in the draw cycle. The mass is almost the same. However, the Vertix provides faster performance.

This is just a basic summary of the distinctions between the two. If you wanna get into the details, read our article. 

Interested? Just scroll down!

Mathews Vxr vs Vertix: Notable Differences

Before we talk about the differences in details, let’s give a rundown of them. We’ll be placing all the key differences in a table here. You’ll be able to get a clearer idea of what differences there are. 

Let’s get to it then-

Mathews VXRMathews Vertix
Sleekier designOld design
New riserOld riser
Better draw lengthNormal draw length
More valleyPerfect valley
Slightly lesser weight Slightly more weight 
Slower Faster 
Slightly quieterSlightly less quiet

Vxr vs Vertix: Head-To-Head Comparison

You should be able to grasp what differences there are by now. You’ll see the notable differences in details. We’ll explain all of them one by one. But we should give you a heads up on one thing though. The similarities between these two bows outnumber the differences. 

Let’s get straight to it without further ado-


When we say design, we’re talking about the looks and makes of the bow. The VXR has a 31.5-inch axle to axle compared to the 30 of Vertix. 

The riser on the VXR is pretty much a new design. This new riser is called The Six Bridge Riser design. You might actually like this new riser design more than the Vertix. 

It has a significantly sleeker appearance than Vertix’s riser. You might get the idea that there’s lesser material on the six bridge riser. But, they retain almost the same amount of overall weight. This might be attributable to the fact that the VXR has a lot more riser. 

Try comparing the limbs of the bows or the angle of the limbs at least. You’ll notice that the VXR is somehow much more parallel than the Vertix. 

The riser on the 31.5 VXR is said to be longer by a lot of people. That is, longer than the 33-inch Mathews Traverse. These two bows actually share the same kind of riser design. 

Draw Cycle

It’ll be difficult to tell the difference inside the draw cycle between the two. You can try drawing them out dozens of times and still not figure out the difference. 

They’ll basically feel very similar. If you’re a very experienced user, you’ll be able to tell that there’s a splitting difference. The VXR might feel easier to draw in the slightest bit. That is as much as identical you can get. 

Equip them with the same weight if you wanna test them out by yourself. Also, make sure they have similar draw length mods. You’ll notice that they’re coming at pretty much draw length. 

The VXR has more valleys, which is the only distinction we could discover. There is one aspect of Vertix that you could like. The valley on Vertix is on the short side. 

Also, the string angle is noticeably improved on the VXR. Unlike the Vertix, you can touch the string when you’re at full draw. There’s no need to change positions. 


If you’re a Vertix user, you must’ve owned the bow for a long time. So, the accuracy might feel slightly better with the Vertix. 

But, this might be largely because of the fact that you’re more comfortable with the Vertix. 


Both these bows come at almost the same weight. The Vertix is 4.67 pounds and the VXR is 4.66 pounds. You might find the VXR to be slightly lighter. 

However, it’s possible that this is due to the fact that you’re utilizing various attachments. 


We fired many shots and ran them through the Chrono. We shot both of them with the 350-grain gold tip platinum pierce arrow. We also shot some with a 475-ish grain gold tip air strike arrow. 

The vertex actually came out a bit ahead of the curve for the heavier arrow. It was 4 feet faster with the Vertix for those arrows. The VXR came out to be 282 and 281 feet per second. And the Vertix came out to be 285 and 286 feet per second. 

Whereas with the lighter arrow, the VXR was consistent at 323 feet per second. And with the Vertix, it was 329 feet per second. 


This is something important that we should talk about. If you’ve been using Vertix for a long time, you know that it’s very quiet. It’s probably even the quietest bow you’ve ever shot. 

The VXR honestly would feel exactly the same to you. You might notice that the VXR has a slightly deeper sound than the Vertix. 

But, the difference is very minimal. Some might not even find it relevant. 

Should I Get The VXR Then?

This is actually where we choose the winner. But that’s the thing, VXR and Vertix can be said to be similar. The differences are so minimal they’re almost irrelevant. 

Essentially, if you currently own a Vertix, you should not purchase the VXR. You’ll be buying the same thing. Both of these bows are great for hunting. You can even go with traditional hunting bows if you want. 

The design of the VXR is undoubtedly slightly better than Vertix. But Vertix can shoot arrows slightly faster. So there’s that.

But if you own some other Mathews bow like Halon from earlier years, that’s different. Then you can go for the VXR. It’ll feel like an upgrade then. 

That’ll be all for the differences between VXR and Vertix. We genuinely hope our guide helps you through the decision-making process!


What does the VXR stand for?

The VXR stands for Extended Bridge Riser. The CEO of Mathews Matt McPherson saw the opportunity of improving the hunting bows with this riser. 

How long does it take to get a bow from Mathews?

Mathews usually take 4-6 weeks to make their bows and deliver them. Unless there’s any sort of problem, you’ll receive your bow on time. 

Is Mathews Vertix a good bow?

The Mathews Vertrix weighs only 4.67 pounds. You can draw weights up to 75 pounds. And the draw lengths can go from 26-30.5 inches. So, it’s a pretty good bow overall.


This is just about all there’s to know about vxr vs vertix. If you own a Vertix already, don’t waste your money on the VXR. 

What bow do you use and are you thinking of upgrading? Let us know in the comments. 

Good Luck!

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