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What Do Elk Smell Like? All You Need to Know

It’s hunting season and we went out for the  Elks.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how to track an Elk. This can be disappointing, right?

What do Elk smell like then?

Elk smell like cattle. In some cases, this smell is considered to be like urine. Sometimes, the smell of the Elk can be sweet like that of a moose. The smell of any Elk basically depends on the way they live. Or, the place they are living. This smell is an important factor for the seekers of Elk.

We need to dig in more if we want to have a clear idea about Elk scent.

Guess, we got some help in this case! The article here has clarified the smell of Elk for us.

So, let’s hurry before we lose the Elk!

What’s The Smell of An Elk: Initiate Search

The smell of Elk can be of many types. Ultimately, this smell depends on the place they live in. Also, on the biology of elk. Let’s see what the typical smells of Elk are out there.

Smells Like A Cattle

The one most common smell of Elk that we can find is a cattle-type smell. 

Whenever you get near an Elk, a stable-like smell will hit your nose. This means that an Elk or a herd of Elk is near to your position. 

Most of the time Elk stays in a group. Just like any other animal herd. Because of this reason, the smell of elk has been defined as a domestic cattle-type smell.

Smelly As Urine

Elk can smell also like urine. The smell comes from the urine of the Elk. 

Commonly, when an Elk urinates, the smell of that urine stays in its body. 

Thus, urine works as one of the parameters for the scent of an Elk. So, when you go near an Elk, the smell of urine is what you will get.

Smells like Wildland

The smell of an Elk can be like a typical wild animal sometimes. After all, an Elk is a wild animal. 

Plus, Elks have various glands present in their body. These glands release different types of hormones. 

Because of these hormones, a specific scent spreads around the Elks. 

Adding to that, Elks live in the forest. Due to their wild lifestyle, different types of stinks get produced. This eventually gives off the wildland smell of the Elks.

Sweet as Moose

Often it is considered that Elk has a sweet scent just like the Moose. It’s because of the lifestyle of the two animals. 

Both Elk and Moose live in the woods, mostly in a pack. Urine and glands affect the smell of a moose. 

This is just as same as that of the Elk. 

So, We can easily get the smell of an Elk, if we know the scent of a moose. After all, there is a big similarity in their smell.

That’s it! If you ever find any of the following types of scents, then be ready. Once you get the scent, you can focus on choosing between a 4 and 6 arrow quiver for hunting.

Watch Out

Now you have an idea about Elk’s scent. However, there are some factors that we should know. Eventually, this will help us to track an Elk’s scent.

Beware of The Elk Cattle

Elks smell like a bunch of cattle moving around. So, it’s better to have a clear idea of Elk cattle. 

We have to observe the herd of the Elks. The more we stay around the pack of Elks, the more we will get accustomed to the smell of the Elk. 

Then it becomes easy to track Elk’s smell.

Push Through the Wind

While tracking the smell, try to move against the wind. If we move against the wind, there’s a possibility of the wind hitting the nose. 

So, if there is any Elk out there, its smell will hit our nose. 

Not only that, we will get the smell in the shortest time.

Keep an Eye At The Movement of The Elk

To capture the scent of the Elk, we need to have a clear idea about the Elk’s regular routine. 

We need to know when the Elks move, and where they stay. In which season they can be seen the most. This way we can predict the Elk’s movement. Which is not similar to hunting lions without dogs.

Then we can get to the right spot to get a proper smell of the Elk.

Speaking of Elk tracking, here are some hunting kits you can use-

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Where Can I Find The Scent Glands of An Elk?

They are situated right under the eye of an Elk. When an Elk gets excited, these glands release serum. This serum ultimately spreads the smell of the Elk. Basically, the serum consists of pheromones. Pheromone works as the career of scent. This is the element from which we get the scent of the Elk.

What is The Distance of Getting The Scent of An Elk?

While against the wind, this distance is approximately 600 yards. If there is an Elk within this distance, then we find the scent of it. The scent of Elk is very intense. If compared to human scent, Elk’s scent is a thousand times stronger than human scent. Thus the odor of Elk covers such a big area.

Does Elk Have the Best Smell Sense in The Deer Family?

Yes, they definitely have. Elk have bigger areas at their nostrils than the deers. This bigger area contains a bigger olfactory layer. Thus they can sense more smell than deer. Even their smelling sense is better than the humans!

Last Words

Guess we are at the end of the journey. What do Elk smell like? We know now. 

Still, for further confusion, it’s better to go to the professional hunters.

They have enough experience to give pro tips and advice. 

Have a great day then.

Happy Elk hunting!

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