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What Grain Arrow for 50 Pound Bow?

For bowhunting, arrows are equally important as bows. If the arrow has an optimal spine and weight it helps you in many ways. An arrow flexes when it is shot.

After leaving the bow it straightens out in flight. If the arrow is weak it is dangerous to shoot from a high-pound bow. 

So, what grain arrow for 50 pound bow? 

For a 50-pound bow, a 300-370 grain arrow will suffice. This range includes all types of arrows lightweight to heavy. Light arrow flight faster. Also, light arrows can group more tightly. Arrows that are heavier fly slower but penetrate deeper. Shooting the wrong arrow can harm you.

This was just a summary. Read the whole article to find out the perfect arrow for your 50 pound bow.  

How To Calculate Arrow Weight? 

To find the best arrow for your 50 pound bow you need to know certain things. The first thing is you need to know how to calculate the arrow weight. Usually, arrows come in three weight categories. They are light, mid-weight, and heavy. 

Every type of arrow has its own characteristics and advantages. Light arrows can fly faster whereas heavy arrows can resist the wind better. Shooting a bow with the wrong arrow weight can cause injury. 

That’s why knowing how to calculate the weight of an arrow is important. 

Grains Per Pound 

GPP stands for grains per pound, which is the overall weight of the arrow divided by the bow’s poundage for shooting. The overall weight comprises the shaft, nock, insert, point, fletchings, and other components.

The completed GPP of a light arrow is 5 to 6.5 grains per pound. The weight of a midweight arrow ranges from 6.5 to 8 grains. The heavy arrows are more than 8 grains in weight.

You can also add weight to the arrow tip by yourself. 

Light Vs Heavy Arrows

Now you know how to calculate the weight of your arrow. It is crucial to know what type of arrow suits your needs. Deciding which arrow you should use light or heavy depends on certain factors. 

As your main purpose is to use the arrow for hunting it’s best to use midweight arrows. The reason is explained below. 

As you already know, lighter arrows fly faster. The increased speed helps the arrow to fly straight. But lighter arrows can be hard to tune for you. Also on windy days, lighter arrows won’t be able to resist the wind and you can miss your target. 

Heavier arrows can absorb more kinetic energy than bows. Also, heavier arrows are quieter to shoot. 

Both light and heavy arrows have disadvantages in certain situations. So you can use midweight arrows. That will decrease your hassle of changing the arrow in the middle of the hunt. 

What Grain Arrow For 50 Pound Bow?

You already know about types of arrows and how to calculate the weight. But you don’t have to calculate by yourself. We are here to help you out. The best arrow grain ranges between 300-370 for a 50-pound.  

You need a perfect arrow for your 50 pound bow.  The lightweight arrow for a 50 pound bow is about 250-325 grain. Mid-weight arrows are about 325-400 grain. 

As you are going to use the arrow for hunting you want it to be fast. Also, the accuracy of the arrow should be maximum. Lightweight arrows are very fast. But in windy weather, there is a possibility that you can miss the target. 

So when you are using lightweight try to use higher grain. For example, use a lightweight  arrow that is more than 300 grains. Just like a lightweight arrow you can use a midweight arrow that is less than 370 grain.

This 300-370 grain range for a 50 pound arrow is set by the opinion  of real-life users. You can get more info read this: what arrow weight for a 50 lb bow?

What If Your Bow Is 50+ Pound! 

If your bow is more than 50 pounds you need to select the grain of the arrow accordingly. For example, if your bow is 70 pounds a lightweight arrow would be 350-455 grain. 

Meanwhile, a midweight arrow would have finished with a weight of 455-560 grain. And the heavyweight arrow would have finished weighing more than 560 grains. You can read about 60 or 70-pound compound bows. 

So, just calculate the arrow weight when you are using different bows accordingly. Use all types of arrows at first and see which one works best for you. Here are some suggestions.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful.


How Many Grains Should My Arrows Be?

Safety ratings for bows are usually around 5 grains per pound. The most crucial consideration in arrow weight is safety. The weight of the arrow shaft should be sufficient to absorb the energy of the bow.

What Spine Arrow For 60 Pound Bow? 

A 400 spine for a 27-inch arrow  can be shot  from a 60-pound bow. The arrow should be 100 grain. You can use 340 spine arrows if their length and draw weight stays the same. In that case, the arrow should be 150 grains.

Is a 50 lb Recurve Bow Good For Hunting?

Yes, a 50 lb recurve bow is good for hunting. If you shoot less than 50 arrows in a day then 50 lb is a good choice for you. But if you shoot like 50 to 100 arrows in a day you choose other options. In that case, you can use 45 lb or less than that. 


We are at the end of the article. Hopefully, now you know what grain arrow for 50 pound bow. Use any arrow which weighs between 300-370 grains. 

You can try both lightweight and mid-weight arrows according to the situation. But it’s better if you avoid using heavy-weight arrows. If you follow the above-mentioned things your hunting experience is gonna change.   

Best of Luck!

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