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What Happened to Ben O’Brien MeatEater?

Usually, we listen to the radio when we get our favorite show. 

What if that show stops all of a sudden. Also, the favorite host quits?

This can be pretty sad. Especially if you are a fan of MeatEater.

What happened to Ben O’Brien MeatEater? A question easily comes to mind.

Technically Ben O’Brien left the MeatEater. Ben used to host a podcast called, “The Hunting Collective”. In fact, the podcast stopped as soon as Ben left. Now, Ben O’Brien works on a new podcast, known as Wood Side. Apart from that, he is also working at Duck Camp Co, as a marketing manager.

However, to exactly know what happened to Ben, you need to seek more Infos.

You don’t need to look far. Once you read this article, you will get your answers!

Let’s find our host then!

In pursuit of Ben O’Brien

Not that easily a show ends or the host of it quits. Especially not from the MeatEater. Since it consists of some very popular hunting podcasts. 

However, The more we ponder, the more confusion will build. So, let’s see where our host is exactly right now.

Sitrep on Ben O’Brien: Where is He?

No! Ben O’Brien has not got lost. He is right out there, doing his job. 

However, instead of working at MeatEater, he works at a different company.

That’s it. Ben has stopped working at the MeatEater. He is now at WoodSide. This is yet another podcast just like MeatEater. 

He joined the new podcast at the beginning of 2022.

Plus, he is working at the Duck Camp Co. An agency that builds hunting goods.

What’s His Designation?

Ben is the host of the Wood Side podcast. Apparently, Ben was famous for “The Hunting Collective”.Where he talked about different hunting tips like what to choose between a red code or blue code

It was a podcast under the MeatEater. He was the host of that show. 

Seems like Ben liked his work, As a result, even though he left the podcast, he joined another one. Guess his role? As a host!

Not only that. As told earlier he works at the Duck Camp Co, as a marketing manager.

Apart from that, he is also a professional writer and editor.

Field of Work

We now know that he works at a podcast and is also a marketing manager. Still, what exactly does he do?

In the podcast of the “Wood Side”, Ben basically hosts the conversation about hunting. 

In other words, you will get to know how to hunt mountain lions without any dogs or, things like this.

He speaks with experienced hunters. Mainly about their hunting career and experiences. 

Also, they have in-depth gossip about socio-economic terms. This includes politics, the economy, etc. The ultimate aim is to encourage hunting.

In Duck Camp Co, Ben O’Brien works as a marketing manager. The company mainly sells hunting accessories, such as boots, hunting rifles, arrow quivers, etc.

So, ultimately Ben controls the marketing of these hunting materials they manufacture.

Speaking of hunting goods, if you are looking for hunting boots, you can give a check to them:

They are the best in the current market. You can choose any of them!

Thus this is what Ben O’Brien has been doing so far.

Why Leaving The Hunting Collective?

There are some typical reasons for which Ben left ‘The Hunting Collective’ podcast. After all, why would he leave a job without any reason?

Freshmen Supremacy

Undoubtedly, Ben is one of the famous hosts of MeatEater. However, in recent times new hosts and stars started to arrive at the show. 

As a result, the public demand for Ben decreased gradually. According to viewers, Ben’s hosting was getting obsolete.

Thus, Ben ended up shifting from MeatEater to Wood Slide. 

Partnership Breakout

It’s not like only Ben left the company. In fact, Ben’s partnership deal with MeatEater came to an end.

Before resigning, Ben was absent in most of the episodes. Plus, in many hunts, the partners of Ben were present. Ben was not there. 

These things soon gave a signal to people that one of the stars of their favorite show is leaving.

Maybe It Was A Natural Change

Perhaps, Ben changed his job only for the flow! 

Technically people usually change their job after a portion of time. Similarly, Ben could change his profession.

These could be some possible facts for Ben O’Brien leaving MeatEater.

There Goes Ben, What about MeatEater?

Podcasts of MeatEater are still there! However, ‘The Hunting Collective’ podcast is no more. 

As soon as Ben left the MeatEater, this podcast was discontinued.

Now the MeatEater has new podcasts. The podcast is available in the Apple podcast app.


Have Remi Also Left MeatEater?

Yes, Remi also left MeatEater. 127th was the last transmission of Remi Warren. He hosted this transmission. He bade farewell to everybody. He shared his experience at MeatEater. Finally, he ended his MeatEater career by giving advice to the rest of the crew.

Which Guns are Used in MeatEater?

Recently, for some podcasts, Rinella used the Weatherby Mark V MeatEater edition. He also uses bolt action rifles such as Savage Side Arm 110. Generally, he uses these rifles for bigger hunts. For smaller hunts, Rinella avoids taking such heavy loadouts. Instead, he takes the CZ model 452.

Did Ben Work at YETI?

Yes. Ben worked at YETI. In fact, he was commonly known as the ‘YETI Guy’.While his service at the YETI, he was a marketing manager. His main span of work was hunting marketing. He was associated with the management of the hunting goods that YETI produced. 

Wrap Up

That’s it! Probably you get what happened to Ben O’Brien MeatEater

Still unclear? You can ask the officials at the MeatEater. 

They can give you a more clear idea about Ben O’Brien.

I should be going then.

A podcast is going to start, hosted by Ben O’Brien. How can I miss that?

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