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What Size Whisker Biscuit Do I Need?

Finding the exact whisker biscuit size is necessary for proper archery. But figuring it out is a head-scratcher. 

So what size whisker biscuit? 

There are mainly three different sizes of whisker biscuits. Small, medium, and large biscuits each have their unique size. The arrow being used should not fit in too tightly, it should be a little loose.

This is just the basics. A detailed guide is right here in this article.

Whisker Biscuit Size and Fits 

With the help of a Whisker Biscuit, you’ll be able to maintain a balanced position of an arrow. It will be perfectly balanced between the bow and the bowstring. 

The arrow is supported by the biscuit’s nearly round internal brush. The brush resembles the bristles of a beard and is circular in shape. 

In addition, they let the fletching of the arrow, whether it feathers or vanes, pass through. And it even passes through without being obstructed in any way.

Everyone wants to ensure that each shot is taken with pinpoint precision. And for that, it is essential to use an arrow rest of the appropriate dimensions.

There is one single most important thing to keep in mind. It is that you do not want the hole in the middle of the biscuit to be completely covered by your arrow. The hole should not be covered when you shoot the arrow. 

It is important that the rest you use for your arrow have a space above it. And the space must be somewhat larger than the arrow itself. 

By doing so, you will lessen the amount of friction and arrow drift. That will result in shots that are more accurate.

Size Chart:

Originally there were three sizes for Whisker Biscuits. And each of them had a different hole size. 

Whisker Biscuit SizeHole Size
Small0.28″ inner diameter fits
Medium0.32″ inner diameter fits
Large0.36″ inner diameter fits 

What Size Whisker Biscuit Will Fit Your Arrow Shaft: 

You are going to have to make a few modifications. That is in order to get the biscuit to fit correctly in the shaft. 

Simply releasing the 2 set screws will allow you to separate the biscuit from the remainder of the package. To make the hole larger, take hold of the two ends of the ring. These are located on opposite sides of the split and pull them apart.

 While pulling, simultaneously twist the ends in an upward and downward direction. It is only feasible to make very few modifications to the size of the hole.

Excessive changes can result in a weakening of the bristles below the arrow. That would be problematic since support is required there.

During the process of adjustment, a space may be left between the bristles. In that case, it is advised that you use the next bigger size biscuit.

The presence of a significant amount of clearance around the arrow shaft does not result in any difficulties. A loose fit works best.

If the fit is not right, the arrow could wobble during the flight.

Can I Use the Same Size Biscuits With Different Types of Arrows:

No, you are unable to use a whisker biscuit of the same size with many kinds of arrows. Because the diameter of each whisker cookie is unique and the arrow has to be able to fit within it.

The manner in which whisker biscuits may accommodate arrow shafts is something that we have previously covered. In the table, we will go a little more into the specifics. Details regarding which whisker biscuits are compatible with certain kinds of arrows are given. 

Smaller Sized BiscuitsACCOutset Carbon ArrowsAxis17XX or Smaller Aluminum Arrows
Medium Sized Biscuits20XX or Smaller Insert Carbon Arrows
Larger Biscuits23XX or Smaller Aluminum Arrows
Extra Large Biscuits26XX or Smaller Aluminum Arrows
Fishing BiscuitsArrows for fishing that has not been bent

Whisker Biscuit V is a newer model of Whisker Biscuits. But it is nothing completely different. It is just an innovative model. 

Because of the Whisker Biscuit V’sunique v-shape, it deviates from the conventional circular housing. And reduces the amount of friction that is exerted on the arrow during the drawing and the release. 

As a consequence, in the V model, there will be less drift and less drag. In addition to a quicker and more precise shot.

How to Determine Your Whisker Biscuits Size

As you decide which Whisker Biscuit to have, there is one thing you really must keep in mind. You may use a bigger arrow rest for a smaller arrow if you want to. But, it may be an improvement to trying to put a huge arrow into a rest that is inadequately sized for it.

How to Determine Your Whisker Biscuits Size

Whisker Biscuits are made in one of three different sizes. This was previously covered in our conversation. And we can understand that the size of the arrow matters regarding the biscuit fit. 5mm and 4 mm arrows are different, and can’t fit in the same biscuit.

The diameter of the interior of the small whisker biscuit one measures 0.30 inches. It may be used with A/C/C carbon arrows, Outserts, carbon, or Axis arrows successfully. In addition to arrows with aluminum shafts measuring 17XX or smaller.

The inside diameter of a medium Whisker Biscuit is 0.320 inches and is designed to accommodate carbon arrows with internal components as well as aluminum shafts measuring 19XX or smaller.

The aperture in the big Whisker Biscuit measures 0.395 inches on the inside and can accommodate aluminum arrows with a diameter of 23XX or less.

The Whisker Biscuit, a fishing arrow rest for bows, has an interior diameter of 0.360 millimeters and can accommodate fishing arrows that have not been fletched.

Therefore, choose your whisker appropriately. The information that was just presented to you will be of great assistance in locating the ideal match.

The Installation Process of Whisker Biscuits

Here’s how you can install a Whisker Biscuit: 

  • A broadhead’s blades fan out in all directions from the line that runs through its center. The whiskers on the biscuit are arranged such that they radiate inward toward the center. This indicates that the Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest will not provide any difficulties when it comes time to insert a broadhead into it.
  • If you are going to be utilizing expandable broadheads, you need to be extra careful as you are pushing them through so that they don’t explode or the “o” ring doesn’t get bumped.
  • When firing plastic vanes, another loading approach involves loading the arrow nock from the back first.
  • The Quick Shot style of arrow rests is equipped with an entrance hole that makes it simple to load arrows, regardless of the kind of fletching or broadhead they have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does a whisker biscuit slow down an arrow?

Researchers observed that the arrows shot with the whisker biscuit were somewhat quicker than those shot without it, by a margin of 3-6 feet per second (fps).

How tight are whisker biscuits?

Keep the arrow loose in the biscuit at all times. As long as it’s not restrictive, the looser the better.

What is a whisker biscuit used for?

A Whisker Biscuit, a revolutionary arrow rest with artificial bristle and an opening in the center, fully encircles and aligns the arrow shaft and enables feathers or vanes to flow through, eliminating fletch clearance issues.


And with that, we know what size whisker biscuit is required. Make sure the fit is not tight while picking the size. 

Our article has you covered regarding everything. Good luck!

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