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Why Are Tight Spot Quivers So Expensive? [Things To Know About Them]

Are you up for an exciting hunting journey? Well, then you must have a good quiver for this! Most people tend to opt for tight spot quivers in general. But you noticed that it’s far away from being affordable.

So, now you may think, why are tight spot quivers so expensive?

You definitely get some additional features in this quiver in exchange for the money. First, you would get an ideal balance of the bow. Then you also get reduced torque. After that, you would see this quiver holding your arrows really tight. Finally, this quiver would diminish any noise!

Now we are fully aware that this information is barely enough for you. If you’re looking for the answer in detail, head over to our article. We’ve got a detailed guide awaiting you!

Why Are Tight Spot Quivers So Expensive?- Features That Justify The Cost

If you see something expensive, you need to understand it has something worth the price. So, do you think tight spot quivers are any other than that? Well, no! These quivers got some fancy and additional features that you are looking for!

So, let’s see about their utilities given below-

Utility 1 of 4: Ideal Balance Of Bow

Tight Spot quiver is actually far better than the other quivers in the shooting. This quiver is adjustable. And this means it balances your bow by acting as a stabilizer. It also allows you to remove your nocks from the dirt. 

The distinctive 3-way adjustment system of the Tight Spot quiver allows you to fine-tune the balance of your bow. Tight Spot functions as a stabilizer for your bow, making it more balanced. 

Not only does it allow you to fine-tune your bow’s balance, but also allows you to modify the length of the bow. However, it also allows you to raise the quiver to a comfortable level. 

As a result, your arrow nocks will not dig into the ground. On the innovative dovetail rail, you can easily slide your quiver in close to your bow. This would allow you to essentially eliminate any torque. And you can also attach a rifle sling to it.

Utility 2 of 4: Reduced Torque

A bow quiver’s purpose is to keep your arrows close at hand. This plan is thwarted if you remove your quiver. Tight Spot quiver is extremely light and fits snugly against your bow. 

And this translates to nearly no torque, which is essential for shooting precision! 

When bowhunting, bowhunters take off their quivers. They don’t need them because they shoot better without them! They’re willing to forego having their arrows on hand in exchange for a second chance. 

Because they want to make sure the shots are accurate. Most quiver design is the issue. The greater the torque created by a quiver, the further it is from the bow. 

Torque has an impact on accuracy, throws off the balance of your bow, and makes tuning more difficult. This is especially common with broadheads. 

The innovative dovetail design of the Tight Spot quiver solves this problem! Only half of the equation is proximity to the bow.

Remember one thing! The more torque a quiver produces, the heavier it is. Tight Spot quivers triumph here as well! They’re also extremely light. 

This is for its braided carbon rods that absorb vibrations. A frame made up of aircraft-grade aluminum is also included with these quivers.

Utility 3 of 4: Holds Arrows Tight

If you are using tight spot quivers, you would most likely not lose arrows again! Tight Spot is 20 times more powerful than other quivers at gripping arrows. Never lose another pricey arrow on your way to your tree stand! 

No more loose or lost arrows due to individually adjustable arrow grippers. Arrow grippers on all quivers loosen with time or in cold conditions. You may modify the grip on each individual arrow in a Tight Spot quiver. 

On each individual arrow, you can also acquire a personalized grip. Simply shift the Arrow Wedge adjustment in or out to do this. There will be no more arrows making a racket, vibrating loose, or dropping out of your quiver!

Utility 4 of 4: No Noise Or Vibration

Noise is caused by vibration. And a big buck jumping the string can make a lot of noise. Tight Spot, on the other hand, kills both vibration and noise! The integrated vibration absorption system of the Tight Spot Quiver. 

Vibration is attacked from every point possible. When you have a Tight Spot quiver attached to your bow, it will vibrate less than if you don’t have one at all! The wheelbase is extra-long. 

The “wheelbase” of Tight Spot quivers is extra-long. Both arrow and quiver vibrations are reduced by stretching the hood-to-gripper distance. As a result, there is far less unwanted noise. 

It also has a bumper strip on the crossbar that reduces arrow vibration. Your arrows will rest against the bumper strip when you use the Tight Spot quiver. It also dampens minor vibrations, making the bow even quieter.

So, these are the additional utilities you can get from tight spot quivers. We tried to explain why it is so expensive. And we hope we were able to clear your mind!

With all these being said, we believe you understand how handy Tight Spot quivers can be. So, if you’re planning to get one for yourself now, here are our recommendations to save your time-


Is it worth it buying a tight spot quiver?

It actually depends from person to person. You can just carry arrows to your stand in a quiver, which you can then remove from the bow. In that situation, it is not worthwhile to spend money on a tight spot. Yes, they’re worth it if you’re hunting with a bow and quiver. It’s the perfect quiver for a variety of applications.

What is so special about this tight spot quiver?

The bow balance is improved on all Tight Spot versions. Tight Spot features a revolutionary three-way adjustment system. As a result, your quiver can function as a stabilizer. Tight Spot’s unique BullDogTM is featured in the quivers. Individually adjustable Arrow Grippers These quivers have 20 times the gripping strength of regular quivers.

Are all bows compatible with all quivers?

A quiver is merely a container for arrows. The “one-piece” quiver is a typical name for this style of the quiver. These are accessories that can be used by everyone. A conventional one-piece quiver can be used with almost any bow with a standard sight. As a result, there’s no need to coordinate brands or models.

The Final Words

Now you know why are tight spot quivers so expensive! You can finally soothe your mind knowing about the specialty of this quiver. Because you can actually get so many useful features with this quiver!

We hope this article gives you a clear idea to meet your concern!

Good luck!

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